Navarre is in the middle of the artichoke season

Nunca hubieras imaginado que esto te puede suceder al comer una alcachofa

We are in the middle of the season of the Tudela artichoke and, if you travel around the Ribera de Navarra, you will see the fields dyed an intense green. The Blanca de Tudela variety is the flower of the Navarrese market garden. Its production is protected by the Protected Geographical Indication, which covers thirty-three localities.

Artichoke on a white background

The widespread use of 'Blanca de Tudela' artichokes as the basis for crops throughout Spain, as well as the fame that the fresh product acquired in the metropolitan markets of Barcelona and Madrid and in those of the north of the peninsula, led producers in the district of Tudela to seek their own identification for their product.

Thus, in 1988 they obtained the 'Alcachofa de Tudela' quality designation, which covered only the product for fresh consumption produced in the geographical area formed by the municipalities of Cabanillas, Cortes, Fontellas, Fustiñana and Tudela.

In 1996, the entry into force in Spain of Regulation (EEC) No 2081/92 made it necessary to suspend the Quality Designations and to convert to one of the designations provided for in the Community Regulation.

In 1999 work began on the conversion of the quality designation and in June of the same year the application for European registration of the Protected Geographical Indication "Alcachofa de Tudela" was sent to the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Food of the Government of Navarre.

The Protected Geographical Indication "Alcachofa de Tudela" was approved by Regional Order in July 2000, ratified by the MAPA in May 2001 and finally registered in the European Commission's European Register, Regulation (EC) No 1971/2001, on 9 October 2001.

According to the approved Regulation, the Protected Geographical Indication covers not only fresh artichokes but also preserved artichokes. The geographical area of production comprises 33 localities of the Ribera de Navarra, with its centre of gravity in the district of Tudela.

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