Wines of Navarra, with its own personality

Vinos de Navarra
Vinos de Navarra

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Navarra enjoys excellent vineyards and quality wines. Located in a privileged geographical area between Bordeaux and La Rioja, the climate and soil are ideal for vine growing.

Until the 1980s Navarra was mainly known for its traditional rosés, but from that time onwards it began to emerge as one of the most experienced and important wine-growing areas in Spain.

The 75-year-old Navarre Designation of Origin is the oldest in Navarre. One of the most-defining characteristics of this DO is the range of different terrains and climates within its boundaries. In fact, it is the only area on the Iberian Peninsula where the Atlantic, continental and Mediterranean climates converge.

The 17,000 hectares of Navarre DO vineyards are divided into 5 distinct, wine-making areas – Baja Montaña, Valdizarbe, Tierra Estella, Ribera Alta and Ribera Baja – where well-known rosés, flavoursome whites, fruity young reds, excellent crianzas and the sultry, sweet whites of the muscatel grape are produced. All in all, distinctive wines with big personalities, from Navarre.


The Designation of Origin

Navarra, with more than 75 years,

is the oldest of the existing

existing in Navarra

Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Navarra

Rua Romana s/n   OLITE (Navarra)

948 741 812

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