Ordizia’s Artzai Eguna, the shepherds’ and cheese day


Yesterday the Artzai Eguna of Ordizia was held, an event around the world of shepherding and cheese and where the official presentation of the new season of Idiazabal cheese took place.

Sheep grazing in Goierri.
Sheep grazing in Goierri.

The day began early in the morning with the traditional weekly market, and the opening of the exhibitors selling cheese and products from Goierri and artisans from Gipuzkoa.

The event continued with the flocks passing through the streets of Ordizia. More than 2,000 sheep belonging to four shepherds took to the Old Town of Ordizia, symbolising the ancient transhumance that shepherds used to carry out once the winter period was over.

Finally, the main event of the day was the official presentation of the new season of Idiazabal cheese, whose cutting was in the hands of Javi Rivero and Gorka Rico, chefs of the restaurant Ama Taberna de Tolosa. Another outstanding moment of the day was the homage to Luis de Lezama, president and founder of the Grupo Internacional Hostelero Lezama, for his trajectory and diffusion of the Idiazabal cheese inside and outside Euskadi.

Presentation of the new Idiazabal cheese.
Presentation of the new Idiazabal cheese.

For the Regional Minister of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Javier Hurtado, events of these characteristics place the markets and local produce as "a way of recognising the Basque Country as one of the most internationally recognised gastronomic destinations". For the Regional Minister "the pillars of gastronomy are our high quality products, such as Idiazabal cheese, but it is the markets that play the fundamental role of cohesion and union between our artisans and farmers, between the product and the consumers".

The Regional Minister highlighted the value of promoting and boosting "local and artisan products and the markets as elements of tourist attraction. And for this we also have the key coordination of agencies such as Goitur, the Goierri Tourism Agency, with whom we are promoting the Territorio Idiazabal gastronomic brand".

"Gastronomy in the Basque Country is the primary motivation of those who visit us, a sign of identity and a way of understanding life", concluded the Minister.


The Councillor highlighted the promotion and encouragement of "local and artisan products and markets as elements of tourist attraction"

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