“Feel like a donostiarra” in favour of sustainable tourism

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Donostia San Sebastián Turismoa is launching this new campaign for autumn with a twofold objective: to promote sustainability and the deseasonalisation of the destination. The campaign invites national and international visitors to experience the city as a donostiarra, with respect and coexistence.

DSS Turismoa continues to work to promote the city as a sustainable, quality destination, highlighting its own culture, gastronomy, nature, local and sustainable plans, etc. During October and November, the months with the lowest number of tourists, it will launch an audiovisual campaign "Feel like a donostiarra", which invites visitors to San Sebastian to get to know the city like any other local.

Donostia San Sebastián
Donostia San Sebastián

Cristina Lagé, San Sebastian's Councillor for Sustainable Tourism, states that "one of the objectives we are pursuing is that those who visit us act as if they were just another local in San Sebastian, getting to know its customs and habits and taking part in the city's day-to-day life, respecting its daily life and living San Sebastian in its most natural way, as just another local".

The campaign is aimed at a strategic public, especially from Spain, France and the United Kingdom, with an emphasis on cities with good connections that are interested in visiting the city. New profiles are sought, concerned about healthy living, travel, gastronomy, the environment and sustainable practices, with a priority age range between 25 and 55 years old.

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