The Green Belt of Vitoria: Salburua Wetlands

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It is one of the most valuable inland wetlands in the Basque Country, just 3 km from the centre of Vitoria-Gastéiz. It consists of several lagoons, as well as meadows and a small oak grove, in addition to bird observatories, trails and rest areas.

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This park is the jewel in the crown of Vitoria's Green Belt, both for its ecological value and for the evolution it has undergone over time.

Ataria, the park's interpretation centre, offers activities, exhibitions and bicycle hire to enjoy the flora of Salburua, without forgetting the richness of its fauna: deer, storks, water birds and endangered species such as the European mink or the agile frog.


Ataria, Interpretation Centre

Paseo la Biosfera, 4, 01013 Gasteiz     T.: 945 25 47 59

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