Bilbao, European city highlighted by the Financial Times


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In this new edition of the fDi Intelligence ranking, "European Cities and Regions of the Future 2022-2023", Bilbao has been valued among 370 cities in Europe for its economic strengths, business fabric and financial capacity and is now considered a large city.


Bilbao has been recognised as the tenth best large European city in terms of attracting foreign direct investment by the magazine fDi Intelligence, part of the prestigious Financial Times publishing group.

Until now, the magazine had included it in its annual rankings as a medium-sized city, which is why its position as a large city also represents a step forward in the worldwide recognition of Bilbao as an investment city and in its importance in attracting and retaining talent for the competitiveness of the city and its social well-being.

The ranking analyses the economic strengths, business fabric and financial capabilities of several European cities and regions.

Vuelo Bilbao-Hamburgo.
Vuelo Bilbao-Hamburgo.

In fact, at present, the Island of Zorrotzaurre as an Urban Innovation District is the great symbol for continuing to attract talent and foreign investment to Bilbao and the Territory.

Thus, Bilbao is the only large city in Spain in the ranking and competes with cities such as Oporto (Portugal), Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester (United Kingdom), Antwerp (Belgium) and Gothenburg (Sweden).

Furthermore, fDi Intelligence ranks the Basque Country sixth in the "Top 10 Mid-Sized European Regions Of The Future 2023 - Fdi Strategy". The first three places are occupied, respectively, by Northern Ireland, Tuscany and the Greater Canton of Zurich.

Financial Times

The history of the Financial Times group's recognition of Bilbao dates back to 2016, when the city won a double award at the "fDi Strategy Awards" in the "Smart City" and "Education Cluster" categories for its commitment to moving towards a smart city model and promoting knowledge-based development.

The publication is considered to be the leading international magazine analysing global Foreign Direct Investment flows and trends. Financial Times is an international leader in economic information and its awards are a seal of quality for the cities that receive it.

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