Discover the medieval village of Labraza in Alava with the tourist treasure hunt

La diputada foral de Turismo, Cristina González, durante la presentación.
La diputada foral de Turismo, Cristina González, durante la presentación.

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This interactive game for mobile devices, available for free at, is added to the existing catalog of gymkhanas about Antoñana, Estíbaliz, Markinez, Salvatierra and Salinas de Añana.


Cristina González explained that this initiative "seeks to promote the knowledge and enjoyment of the Territory, of all its towns and counties, beyond the best known destinations and resources. We want to make known through this treasure hunt the rich historical and cultural heritage of the town of Labraza, one of our medieval jewels, and offer travelers a reason to approach this town recognized with the international award Walled City in 2008.

Tourist treasure hunts are cultural routes through mobile devices to play 'in situ' at the destination while touring and learning about the historical and cultural heritage of different localities. The catalog consists of the games "The last train of Antoñana", "Save Agurain", "The spell of Estíbaliz", "The theft of the jewels" with the village of Markinez as the setting and "In search of the magic pot" with Salinas de Añana as the protagonist.

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Historical rigor

The content of the Labraza gymkhana combines fun with historical and cultural rigor and, in fact, has the endorsement of having had the collaboration of Álava Medieval in its definition and development. They also stand out for their ease of access and playability: all you have to do is go to through the QR of posters and promotional material or by typing the address in the browser and play all of them both in Basque and Spanish.

Each game poses a series of riddles based on historical events and characters as they travel through and discover the heritage of Labraza, Agurain, Antoñana, Estíbaliz, Markinez and Salinas de Añana. The 'Great Plague' that devastated Labraza in the 13th century, the fire of Agurain in 1564, various milestones in the history of Antoñana and the Basque-Navarre railroad or the construction of the basilica of Estíbaliz in 1120 are some of the arguments of these games.

The players also have the help of hints that guarantee further progress in the game.

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