“Japan is a country that does not belong on this planet”

Marina and Francisco. @travelsandvibes
Marina and Francisco. @travelsandvibes

They met in Malaga while they were studying. The cancellation of the expenses of a volunteer programme in Indonesia was the trigger. They decided to make the trip, paying for it themselves, opened an Instagram account for friends and since then they haven't stopped. Today they have more than a million followers around the world and they have just recently visited the Basque Country. They tell us about it in this interview for BasqueMagazine.


How did you come up with the idea of making a living from travelling?

We met at the University of Malaga as we were studying the same thing. It was clear to us that we both liked travelling a lot and we had our travel plans for when we finished university. As we were students we didn't have much money and we couldn't afford big luxuries. One day we came across an opportunity to volunteer in Indonesia. This seemed great as we were going to teach young children Spanish and the costs of flights, accommodation and meals would be covered. So we saw it as the perfect opportunity to see the world. As we were already going to be in Asia, we took the opportunity to travel to other countries such as Japan, Thailand and Singapore, so we bought the flights between those countries.

The problem came when a few weeks before we were told that finally they were not covering any expenses and we were going to work in different cities (all this with the flights to Indonesia bought with our money that we were supposed to be reimbursed). At that point, we had two options: stay at home and lose the money for all the flights or take advantage of it and travel even if it was on a very low budget. We went for the second option and spent three months travelling. We made this Instagram account for our friends and family, but little by little people from all over the world started to follow us.


What does your work consist of?

We are creators of travel content from around the world. We work with hotels and tour companies. We try to promote the destination through our photographs and experiences, and we also give advice to those who need to organise their trips.

The best and the worst thing about your job?

The best: it will always be the satisfaction of creating something of our own, which is very difficult to do from scratch. We think it takes a lot of luck, hard work and above all, not giving up. Patience always. Also getting to know new countries, cultures, incredible people, gastronomy... It's a job that is very difficult to get tired of because we do what we love, which is travelling and photography.


"It's a job that is very difficult to get tired of because we do what we love, which is travelling and photography"

The worst thing: the lack of stability as we are never at home and we miss our family, friends, or maybe the idea of having children. It's a bit difficult to carry everything forward. Another bad point is that there are no days off, there is always work no matter the day or the hour. There is always something to do.

Which destinations have impressed you the most and why?

Each destination is unique and special. For example, we have recently travelled to Peru and we were surprised by how beautiful it is there. But if we had to choose what surprised us the most, it would be Japan. It is a country that does not belong to this planet. Nothing you see there, you will see anywhere else.

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