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In 2023, 39 open tournaments have been organised, a figure that will grow in 2024 with competitions such as the PGA Doubles of Spain or the Santander Golf Tour; more than 130 people have had their first contact with golf this year through the "Golf Baptism" programme.


"The Izki golf course, created in 1994 and managed by the regional company Naturgolf S.A., has welcomed more than 650,000 players to its facilities, 30,000 mountain bikers, 1,000 photographers and more than 4,500 schoolchildren, making it one of the main economic, tourist and social driving forces in the Mendialdea region", explained the deputy Anartz Gorrotxategi.

For this reason, investments to the value of 345,000 euros will be made over the next few weeks. These are key actions for the future of the complex as they include, among others, important innovations in the irrigation system that will optimise the use of water.


"We are a benchmark course, designed by Severiano Ballesteros and recognised by all users, but I believe that from 2024 we will be much more attractive if possible. We must continue working so that people from all over the world who visit us every year get an extraordinary impression of Alavese Mountains and Alava and spread the word that it is worth coming to Izki to enjoy golf", added Gorrotxategi.

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The investments will bring more and better golf to our Territory over the coming months, although 2023 has been a prolific year at Izki Golf, according to its manager, Jon Ander Sánchez. "We have had a total of 39 open tournaments, with 3,189 participants. Of the total number of players, the majority came from the Basque Country, 68%, followed by Madrid 7%, Navarre 4%, France 4% and La Rioja 3.7%. It is also noteworthy that our name is already present in the United Kingdom, Holland, USA and Germany, from where dozens of players have arrived".

The Internet portal and tour operator Leading Courses, in the category of Best Value for Money, Izki Golf has been ranked No. 1 for several years now. In addition to this, Izki Golf is ranked 6th, climbing six places among the Most Welcoming Golf Clubs, and repeating sixth place among the clubs with the Best Surroundings.

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