Orduña, crossroads of roads and cultures

Salto de Nervión en Orduña
Salto de Nervión, en Orduña

Biscayan lands surrounded by lands of Alava and Castile make it a geographical island, a peculiarity that has historically defined the idiosyncrasy of Orduña and its people.

Orduña, Plaza de los Fueros
Orduña, Fueros Square

From its foundation in 1229 until the 19th century, it was an important strategic enclave for defence and commercial traffic. This customs town has held the title of city since the 15th century, making it the only one in Biscay with this status.

This important past has left its mark on its historic quarter, declared a Historic-Monumental Site since 1997.

Orduña's medieval town planning, in which all the streets converge in the Plaza de los Fueros, the nerve centre of the town, has undoubtedly contributed to its people being enormously sociable and fond of street life.


Four villages

The urban area is joined by the rural area, four hamlets that form a community with its own entity, the Junta de Ruzabal: Lendoñogoiti, Lendoñobeiti, Mendeika and Belandia, located at the foot of Sierra Sálvada. Here, the surprising landscape is inhabited by people who live from activities linked to the land, the same people who have preserved a valuable ethnographic heritage in their farmhouses, temples, chapels and mills.

A beautiful historic quarter in one of the most beautiful and impressive natural settings in the Basque Country, Sierra Sálvada. What more could you ask for? An exquisite gastronomic offer of local produce, adventure activities, sport, a spa hotel... everything you need to spend a few days as you deserve.


Experience that style when

you visit us; immerse yourself

in the landscape and nature

and melt with the people

Orduñés; A way of life?

The people of Orduña are aware of the privilege of living in this environment and being heirs to its history and heritage, which has given them their own way of life, a particular way of relating to others. Experience this style when you visit us; immerse yourself in the landscape and nature and melt with the people in the popular "poteo orduñés".

Aduana, actual hotel
Aduana, hotel

Come to Orduña and get ready to enjoy a historic and unique municipality set in a landscape of surprising places and corners. On the Orduña tourism website you will find different proposals to do so, choose the one that suits you best and discover a territory that will leave its mark on you.

Tourism Office

Foru Plaza, 9     -     Alhóndiga · 48460 Urduña/Orduña

T.:  945 38 43 84


Casco histórico
Historical centre

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