Bizkaia, far from the noise, close to the people

Contemplando la playa de Aizkorri.
Contemplando la playa de Aizkorri.

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Nature is the best place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle, the stress and the noise of the cities. And in Bizkaia, where the sea and the mountains go hand in hand, we find not only dreamlike landscapes, but also many activities that will bring us closer to rural activities and to the traditions, culture, identity and gastronomy of a territory that also surprises us with the warmth of its people.


Spring is a good time to disconnect from stress, to leave aside the noise of the cities, the routine of everyday life. To embrace silence and tranquillity. And the best place to do this, without a doubt, is in nature. In Bizkaia, sea and mountains go hand in hand to form a rich landscape full of contrasts in which to enjoy and share with the people who inhabit this territory their customs, traditions, culture, identity and gastronomy.

Because rural activity still survives throughout Bizkaia, which allows those who come here to get to know the culture and identity of a unique people. This territory offers many experiences linked to the way of life, as well as other adventurous ones (in the mountains or the sea) that make you feel first-hand a welcoming, lively and often enigmatic place.

There are many activities that allow you to immerse yourself in the rural world and get to know the roots of Bizkaia in depth: be a shepherd for a day and learn how to make cheese, visit a farm or a mill, take part in a leather workshop and create your own piece; make a talo, the traditional corn cake that has been prepared in Euskadi since ancient times and which is filled with chorizo, txistorra, bacon or even chocolate; get to know the pelota game in its different varieties -mano, pala and cesta punta-, make natural cosmetic products using plants and wild flowers...

Active tourism

To bring out the more adventurous side, Bizkaia also offers active tourism activities with which to enjoy the rough Cantabrian Sea, its rugged mountains and green valleys. The coast of Bizkaia is perfect for surfing and is full of cliffs that are almost inaccessible but can be seen on boat trips. Small and large trails -on foot or by bicycle- are dotted around the mountains, where you can also go horse riding.  The Way of St. James and the Ignatian Way also cross the territory of Biscay. And from the air, in a hot-air balloon or paragliding, you can admire the green landscape of the interior and the crashing of the sea on the coast.


In Bizkaia, where sea and mountains go hand in hand, we find not only dreamlike landscapes, also multiple activities that will bring us closer to rural activities and to the traditions, culture, identity and gastronomy of the region

Learning and testing

One of Bizkaia's strong points -never better said- is its gastronomy, internationally renowned and based on quality raw materials that are prepared with great care and, in many cases, in a totally artisan way. The gastronomic culture is deeply rooted in this territory, which is proud of it and is always willing to show it to everyone so that they can get to know it.

For this reason, among the many activities available in Bizkaia, there is no shortage of visits to tuna and antxoa canneries, chocolate and beer factories, or txakoli wineries, the Basque wine par excellence. In some of these wineries, as well as guided tours with wine tasting, you can, with prior reservation, have lunch and enjoy a unique experience.

Before ending the day, it is a good idea to visit one of the numerous museums and interpretation centres scattered around the rural areas of Bizkaia: the Peace Museum in Gernika, the old beret factory La Encartada, the Fisherman's Museum in Bermeo, the Txakolingunea in Bakio, dedicated to txakoli... All of them make up a museum network that helps to learn a little more about the history of Bizkaia and the way of being of its people.


And to rest with nature watching over your sleep, this territory offers an important series of lodgings where the visitor will find the necessary rest and will be able to share the welcoming spirit of the people who run them. And they will do so, in many cases, while enjoying a very 'real' experience, because the great majority of the rural accommodation is located in baserris -farmhouses- more than a century old. Houses of great strength and beauty, like Bizkaia as a whole.

Book your activity

For activities and excursions, Bizkaia has an online portal,, where travellers can book quickly and securely with just one click. Most of these experiences allow users to purchase without having to wait for the supplier to confirm their booking, and in those cases where the booking is not made immediately, the response time of the tourist company carrying out the activity is less than 24 hours. This platform offers outings to enjoy the sunset on a sailing boat, horseback riding and 4x4 rides along the coast, a film tour of Bilbao, a kayak tour of the estuary... And it allows you to plan in advance the days you will spend in this territory.

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