Rainy weather plans in Gipuzkoa

Aquarium Donostia
Aquarium Donostia

And now... What do we do? First, don't despair. That fine rain (xirimiri) is part of Gipuzkoa's DNA, just like a brief summer storm inland, or a galerna on the coast. If you come to Gipuzkoa and don't get wet, you haven't been here at all. And don't forget that we owe to it the natural treasures that you can admire at any time.

Gipuzkoa doesn't stop when it rains. We suggest a few B plans for those days. Visiting museums of all kinds or enjoying food and wine plans, in every corner of Gipuzkoa a rainy day offers the perfect excuse to discover cultural and leisure offers that will turn a "spoilt" day into a happy day of enjoyment. And remember, between one plan and the next you can always grab an umbrella and watch the waves of the Bay of Biscay break on any point along our coast. In bad weather, everyone out on the streets!

Getaria: cradle of Balenciaga, Elkano and Txakolí

Getaria is home to the world's first major museum dedicated exclusively to a couturier, reflecting the universal importance of the Getaria-born designer in the field of fashion and haute couture. In its three large spaces and six rooms, more than 2,000 pieces that the Cristóbal Balenciaga Fundazioa Foundation has received through loans or donations will be on display.

Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum
Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum

Puppets and marionettes in Tolosa

The Tolosa International Puppet Centre is unique in Europe. Puppets from the five continents are the only protagonists of this museum, which proposes an adventure through imagination and originality. The Topic's own collection has more than 1,500 puppets, whose origins date from the 18th to the 20th century. It also has a theatre for 250 spectators where you can attend all kinds of puppet shows.

Tolosa International Puppet Centre
Tolosa International Puppet Centre


The Aquarium of Donostia-San Sebastián is the oldest aquarium and museum of marine natural sciences in Spain. The museum is divided into two areas: on the first two floors you can discover everything related to maritime trade and fishing, as well as a collection of natural history made up of corals, shells, fossils, etc. On the other hand, there is the aquarium area, where you can learn about the flora and fauna of the Cantabrian Sea, the Caribbean Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Amazon River.

Mirandaola Ironworks

Iron has played a particularly important role in the development of the Basque Country. The Basque Iron Museum looks at its history from different points of view in order to understand the rise of this industry in the Basque Country. As well as learning about old trades such as forgers, miners and coal workers, you can visit the old Mirandaola ironworks, one of the most important heritage sites in Gipuzkoa.

Mirandaola Ironworks
Mirandaola Ironworks

Oiasso Museum

Oiasso, located at the mouth of the river Bidasoa, was the port city of the Basques in Roman times. It is the most important archaeological event in 20th century Gipuzkoa. The Oiasso museum brings together the archaeological remains of the period found in Irun, as well as offering cultural activities and educational workshops on Ancient History and archaeology.

Cider experience

You will become an expert in the world of cider. First of all, a visit to Sagardoetxea, the Cider Museum, to learn all about the cider making process, the history and tradition of this millenary drink, and above all, the secrets that go with Txotx! To finish off, what better way to confirm everything you have learnt than in a traditional cider house and taste an authentic cider house menu.

You can't lose:

Chuleta a la parrilla.

Haragi, the meeting of meat lovers, is back

It is an event promoted by the City Council of Tolosa, the Basque Government, HAZI and the Basque Culinary Center to be held from 19 to 22 May. On the first day there will be a professional congress, while the weekend’s festival will focus on Tolosa.

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