Igartubeiti farmhouse to develop Patrim 4.0 in the Pyrenean innovation network


Igartubeiti has been a member since 2013 of this Pyrenean Network for Innovation and Creative Management of Cultural Heritage, which brings together entities from both sides of the Pyrenees, with the aim of constituting a backbone for the Pyrenean Cultural Heritage Centres, cooperating on common proposals for the generation and transfer of knowledge and promoting a collaborative, innovative and sustainable model for the management of the heritage/product/territory trinomial.

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The Programming Committee of the INTERREG VI-A Spain-France-Andorra Programme (POCTEFA) 2021-2027, has approved the resolution of the EFA127/01 PATRIM 4.0 project, of which the Igartubeiti Farmhouse Museum forms part. The project will be developed over the next three years with a total budget of 1,364,663 € and a financial support from the INTERREG VI-A Spain-France-Andorra Programme of 887,030.70 €, which represents 65% of ERDF funds.


The Axes of the project are the following:

● Models of Integrated Heritage Management in Mountain Territories:
Museums and Territories, Quality, Training and Dissemination, Hybridisation of Knowledge and Cultural Heritage.
● Patrim 4.0 a Cultural and Heritage Destination:
Patrim Destinations, Pyrenoteca, Artist Residencies, Virtual Museum and Travelling Exhibitions.
● Patrim 4.0 Innovation and Sustainability:
Accessibility, Sustainability, Digitalisation, Experiential Tourism and Family Tourism.
Among the initiatives to be developed over the next three years, the following stand out: the call for artists' residencies, the revitalisation workshops that link heritage with local and artisan producers, from a perspective of cultural and environmental sustainability, the creation of a quality label linked to Heritage and Cultural Identity.

Work will also continue on the permanent improvement of accessibility, energy efficiency and sustainability by sharing good practices and exchanging knowledge. Digitisation and dialogue with the public, especially focused on families, will be other important aspects.

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