The coast of Uribe… you won’t forget it

Playa de Sopelana
Playa de Sopelana

The coastal strip of Uribe is in itself one of the most beautiful sights in Bizkaia and the Basque Country. It is made up of a succession of cliffs, beaches and coves with splendid panoramic views of the coast. The region of Uribe, very close to Bilbao, is made up of 24 municipalities.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe
San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Uribe is coast and inland, tradition and avant-garde, history and future, gastronomy, culture, sport, adventure, extensive valleys, flat and gentle, culminating in vertiginous cliffs.

It is beach, port and footpath, medieval castle, txakoli vineyards, fairs and festivals. Uribe is a region with a unique landscape and a strategic location very close to Bilbao, made up of twenty-four municipalities where you can enjoy a wide range of tourist and leisure activities.

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Its beaches are, in fact, one of the reasons why the region is best known and most visited. Uribe has the largest number of beaches in Bizkaia (Barinatxe, Arriatera-Atxabiribil, Meñakoz, Barrika, Muriola, Plentzia, Gorliz, Armintza and Bakio), some of which are internationally renowned surfing destinations due to the high quality of their waves.

The biotope of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe and the ports of Plentzia and Armintza in the town of Lemoiz are also obligatory stops. These ports, with their fishing tradition, nowadays house mostly pleasure boats although they maintain their charm and also offer the possibility of tasting tasty grilled fish in the bars and restaurants in the area.

Flysch and other rock formations

Along the coast of Uribe you can take a beautiful route where, as well as enjoying the impressive views over the cliffs, you will discover curious rock formations such as the tidal flats or flysch.

Its corners also hide a treasure trove of biodiversity, rocks, strata and pools that form at low tide, which provide shelter for a large number of animal and plant species, which is why many of these areas are ecosystems of special relevance, the habitual residence of anemones, sea urchins, starfish, sea urchins and snails, and a breeding area for various marine birds.

Playa de Sopelana
Playa de Sopelana

Taste Uribe

In Uribe you will find flavours to suit all palates, from Michelin-starred dishes to traditional Basque cuisine, avant-garde and tradition that often come together to offer you a first-class culinary experience.

It is the good fortune of being close to the sea and the mountains and to those producers who serve us a wide variety of top quality products such as seasonal vegetables, meats from carefully reared livestock and fresh fish and seafood that go from the sea to the restaurant in a very short time.

Everything to leave you with a tasty and unforgettable memory of your visit to Uribe.


Uribe Costa is a region that

reflects well the variety

of tourist resources that

Bizkaia offers to the visitor

Uribe and culture

Uribe is a place of culture and tradition that treasures relics of great interest, from prehistoric times to the present day. But its rich cultural heritage goes beyond funerary stelae, medieval towers and beautiful Romanesque chapels. You will also find it in its fairs and festivals, in its people, in the baserris, in the mills and ironworks... not forgetting the museums and interpretation centres.

Come to Uribe and discover a land where, at times, you will relive an intense medieval period, at others you will find yourself in a trench, watching an exhibition of rural sports or kneading corn flour to make a tasty talo.

Tourist Offices

Bakio     Basigoko bide nagusia, 3    48130      Bakio       Tel: 946 19 33 95

Gorliz  Eloisa Artaza, 1 (Edif. Sertutxena) 48630 Gorliz

Plentzia  Erribera kalea, 23   48620 Plentzia

Sopela Loiola Ander Deuna, 28    48600 Sopela

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