Valle Salado de Añana, the white gold of Alava

Operators at work in the salt flats
Operators at work in the salt flats

Come to the Salt Valley and enjoy a unique experience: visit and get to know one of the most unique architectural, scenic, archaeological, geological and historical sites in the world. Why? Because the Salt Valley is one of the world's most representative examples of the history of salt, known since ancient times as "white gold".

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The Añana Salt Valley is a cultural and natural salt landscape that is more than 7,000 years old and is currently undergoing a process of recovery to restore its sustainability.

Under a recovery approach open to the public, visitors of all ages and groups can enjoy different guided tours and experiences to learn about the history, architecture, archaeology and biodiversity of the salt pans; produce and taste the Añana Salt themselves; and benefit from the therapeutic effects of the salt water.

The "Salt Valley" tour is the ideal route for those who are visiting the salt pans for the first time or who want to get a general idea of the landscape, its importance and the process of recovery and enhancement of its value.

Between the months of April and October this visit includes the possibility of enjoying the open-air Salt Spa. Here you can dip your feet and hands in the hypersaline waters from the springs. You will feel the beneficial effects of the salt water.

Complete your visit to "Valle Salado" with other experiences, such as the "Salt Workshop" or the "Salt Tasting".


Salt production in Añana is based on the evaporation of the water contained in the brine by natural means

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Mercado de Abastos (Produce Market). ©

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