Great afternoon of women’s pelota in Okondo, Biscay


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The Four and a Half Championship kicked off in Okondo with tight and spectacular matches. This year's cage championship is as spectacular and balanced as ever, and these convictions were confirmed on the first day of play yesterday afternoon in Okondo.


With a beautiful atmosphere in the fronton, six matches were played in different categories and half of them ended with less than two goals difference, including one in the elite mixed pelota category, in which Aizane Ibarrola won 22-20 against Leire Galeano. The other match in the top category was also fairly balanced, although in the end Arrate Bergara won with authority over Olatz Beitia (22-14). Mendizabal and Garai will be, respectively, their rivals in the round of 16.


As for the rest, Okondo has been a beautiful afternoon for the enjoyment of the pelota players and next Sunday the Master Laboral Kutxa del Cuatro y Medio will travel to Gordexola.

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