Gotzon Huegun, the aesthetics of the Basque soul

“Colisión de hadrones”. ⒸKipi Kreate
“Colisión de hadrones”. ⒸKipi Kreate

Attracted by the formulation of the new Basque sculpture, the aesthetics of the Basque soul and the school of Oteiza, Gotzon Huegun Burgos (Donostia-San Sebastián, 1972) is currently working from his studio in Azkarate (Navarre), exploring new languages in the discipline of carving.

Gotzon Huegun working in his studio.
Gotzon Huegun working in his studio.

Over the years, this self-taught sculptor has participated in international sculpture competitions and symposiums, winning several prizes and diplomas. "Currently my inspiration is the result of contemplating the images that nature offers us. Everything organic is beauty", he says.

In Gotzon Huegun's murals we find an innovative work within the discipline of wood carving. Over the years he has developed a personal language, interested in combining tradition with modernity. His play with colour, textures and volumes presents us with a totally contemporary and unprecedented work.

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"Colisión de hadrones"

Of his work we would like to highlight "Collision of hadrons" (Colisión de hadrones), a large black oak canvas of large dimensions (200x300x10cm). It is one of his most special wall carvings to date. The work is inspired by the image of a nano-photograph of two subatomic hydrogen particles colliding.

"Visually, I was struck by the movement of the spirals, the circles and the organic traces that could be seen in the image, and I set out to capture that instant of beauty. On the other hand, in this work you can appreciate my interest in combining the disciplines of science and art by creating murals with a contemporary aesthetic and theme, but through a classical discipline such as woodcarving. Finally, it took 12 months from the idea, the first sketches, the composition, the preparation of the material and its execution", says Huegun about his work. Photos: Kipi Kreate.


"My inspiration is the result of contemplating the images that nature offers us"

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