Itzuli, the neuronal translator of the Basque language

Traductor neuronal 'Itzuli'
Traductor neuronal 'Itzuli'

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Through this Basque Government application, free translations can be made from Basque-Spanish, Spanish-Basque, Basque-French, French-French, French-Basque, Basque-English and English-Basque.

The use of this translator is very simple. The user must select the address of the translation and then enter the text in the area provided for this purpose. By clicking on the 'Translate' button, the translation will be available in a few seconds. The text will be translated and available for download. The translator can translate texts of 4,000 characters per use, although users can use it unlimitedly.

Itzuli offers high quality translations, which, however, must always be supervised. It should be noted that it is advisable to check the translated text before publishing or using it, as, depending on the type of original text, there may be errors.

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