“The interesting thing about a work is the research process.”

Gorka trabajando en su estudio
Gorka trabajando en su estudio

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Gorka Otsoa de Alda reviews his professional career in this interview. A native of Alava, he says that for him the interesting thing about a job is not its development, but the whole process of research and search for solutions.

Design, painting, photography, ephemeral architecture, museums or interpretation centers. In which facets do you feel more comfortable and why?

By training, I started in the world of painting and sculpture, and by professional experience, during my career, I did illustration work contracted by the archaeological institute and advertising for a couple of agencies. I returned to advertising 6 years later, working for almost 10 years as creative director.

My last years as a trainer (Design Center of the Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council) and the last third of my performance as a creative in advertising are mainly oriented to the development and production of ephemeral architectures, scenographies, stands and exhibition spaces or museums. This has become my main activity up to the present time.

In any case, painting and sculpture have always been present. Not as a secondary activity, but as a development of creativity and personal expression. For more than two decades, at one time or another during the year, I have taken 3 months to dedicate myself almost exclusively to artistic creation. Always having as a commitment the realization of an exhibition every 2 years.

The interesting thing in this type of work is not the development of it, but the whole process of research and search for solutions. This is what requires more time and more learning and satisfaction.

"Clean Clothes" by Gorka Otsoa de Alda

"For more than two decades decades at one time or another of the year I have taken 3 months to dedicate myself almost exclusively to artistic creation. artistic creation."

What would you highlight from your professional career?

The most complete publicly may have been the complete development of the first exhibition or open doors of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Vitoria and the development of the corporate brand and interpretive space of the Cathedral Foundation of Santa Maria de Vitoria.

It was a very interesting job that started from scratch, it was developed from the corporate brand, to the smallest illustrations of the construction processes in the Middle Ages that should accompany the explanatory panels. The design and production of exhibition supports, lighting, signage, costumes, itinerary design, production and audiovisual script. A very extensive work that had to be done in less than 3 months. Exhausting but fantastic.

I must not forget the design and production of exhibition spaces or tourist itineraries such as D'elikatuz in Ordicia, Idatze etxea in Mendata, C.I. del Queso in Idiazabal, C.I. Medievo in Ardizarra de Segura or the Navarra Wine Route in the Middle Zone and the Medievo de Uribe Route. All of them allowed me to develop everything I feel very comfortable with. Collecting documentation, traveling, taking locations and photographs, elaborating the corporate brand, the design of spaces and their production, illustrations, models and dioramas, and even elaborating a large canvas that would become the façade of one of the museums and its communication reference.

Despite the current uncertainties, what are your projects for the future?

Uncertainties are well defined. Last year was, within the abnormality, a normal year of work for me. The work came from contracts awarded before the pandemic.

This 2021 will not be a year of major investments in equipment, fairs and events, both public and private. My work in virtual does not work, it requires personal live experience. So it will be a good opportunity to have more time for the great exhibition that I hope to present in 2022. The visual arts do not stop, only their ability to show them in a dignified and quality way.

Autorretrato de peces
Autorretrato de peces

Pese a las incertidumbres actuales, ¿Cuáles son sus proyectos de futuro?

Bien definido lo de incertidumbres. El año pasado fue dentro de la anormalidad un año normal de trabajo para mí. Los trabajos procedían de adjudicaciones anteriores a la pandemia.

Este 2021 no será de grandes inversiones en equipamientos, ferias y eventos tanto públicos como privados. Mi trabajo en virtual no funciona, precisa de la experiencia personal en directo. Así que será una buena oportunidad para disponer de más tiempo para la gran exposición que espero pueda presentar en 2022. Las artes plásticas no paran, sólo su capacidad de mostrarlas de forma digna y de calidad.


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