Elkano, in Getaria, new restaurant with ‘Tres Soles’ in the Repsol Guide

Aitor Arregi (Elkano)
Aitor Arregi (Elkano)

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Aitor Arregi rules a mythical and revered house where freshness, seasonality and marine terroir unleash magic on the incandescent embers.

At Elkano, the diversity of textures and flavours in the same piece of food is in the spotlight for the pleasure of the clientele and their palate, be it flat fish, white fish, rock fish, crustaceans or cephalopods. The impeccable technique also comes to the fore in seafood stews, salads and fresh summer preparations that also deserve detailed and almost poetic presentations. Here, the maxim of nudity reveals Arregi's superpower to turn a fish into a sublime experience.

In addition, seven Basque restaurants have been awarded with One Repsol Sun: Kromatiko from Alava, Aitor Rauleaga, Garena, Horma Ondo and Ola Martín Berasategui from Bizkaia, and Amelia and Hika from Gipuzkoa.

Kromatiko has revolutionised the capital of Euskadi thanks to four young people of Korean, Jerez, Colombian and Bilbao descent who combine curiosity and skill in the kitchen in an informal proposal open to the five continents.

Jayne Hardcastle (Horma Ondo)
Jayne Hardcastle (Horma Ondo)
Aitor Etxenike (Kromatiko)
Aitor Etxenike (Kromatiko)

'Sol Sostenible' for Eneko Atxa

This year's edition has brought as a novelty a new category, the 'Sol Sostenible', which highlights gastronomic projects that promote joint work with local producers and advocate sustainability. The first Sustainable Sun was awarded to Eneko Atxa (Azurmendi, 'Tres Soles' Repsol Guide), in recognition of the chef's commitment to the environment, artisan producers and energy efficiency.

Repsol Guide and Alimentos de España wanted to recognise Eneko Atxa with the 'Sol Sostenible' for being an example of coexistence with nature, making the most of the resources that surround him and working together with artisan producers. A gastronomic project that fits perfectly with this new recognition that seeks to highlight those projects that promote collaboration with local producers and strongly advocate sustainability in their business approach.

Jordi Vila, Aitor Arregi, Paco Pérez

In addition, 7 Basque restaurants

have been awarded with

a 'Sol Repsol': Kromatiko, Aitor

Rauleaga, Garena, Horma

Ondo, Ola Martín Berasategui,

Amelia and Hika

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Great afternoon of women’s pelota in Okondo, Biscay

This year’s cage championship is as spectacular and balanced as ever, and those initial convictions were confirmed on the first day of competition yesterday in Okondo.

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