‘Entorno a la mesa’, the Rioja Alavesa food and wine event


On 22 and 23 July, the town of Oyón-Oion will host the 5th edition of this Sustainable Food and Wine Encounter in the region of Alava. Tastings, talks, live music, dancing, paired dinners, organic-sustainable market with KM 0 products, show cooking... and hiking through a sea of vineyards!

The essence of 'Entorno a la mesa' (Around the table), the great summer experiential event with which Rioja Alavesa captivates food and wine lovers: A ritual and a way of life in which everything revolves around the pleasure of good food and drink, one of the great hallmarks of this region of Alava rich in vineyards and wines. Cheers!

The event will be divided into three complementary parts.

1. Mahai Experience

An emotional journey through the senses, enjoying the best Rioja Alavesa wines paired with the most exquisite culinary creations and good music. This part consists of two experiences:

On Friday 22 and Saturday 23, tastings of some of the most unique wines of the region; colloquiums with experts in gastronomy, wine, culture and landscape; tasting of pintxos with quality products... and live music by Raúl Romo Laser Sax.

And on Saturday 23rd, 'Sunset&Dine'. An idyllic sunset among vineyards with a paired dinner and a visit to Bodegas Valdemar. A dinner enlivened with a concert by Eduardo Moreno Quartet, who will offer a pleasant journey through the most beautiful melodies of jazz.

Raúl Romo Laser Sax
Raúl Romo Laser Sax

2. Enogastronomic Fair

On Saturday 23rd, from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm, the streets of Oyón-Oion will become an open-air stage for tasting unique wines from Rioja Alavesa wineries in free tastings and Basque gastronomic products. Those wishing to purchase organic and sustainable KM-0 and seasonal products will be able to do so at the Producers' Market, with a dozen exhibitors. There will also be tastings, samplings and showcooking.

3. 'Enosenderismo'

On Saturday 23rd another exceptional experience of 'Entorno a la mesa': enjoy active tourism on one of the 9 stages of the GR-38 Wine and Fish Route between Laguardia and Oyón-Oion. A relaxing walk through the sea of vineyards that connects both towns, with double refreshments of Rioja Alavesa wine and Basque gastronomic delicacies.

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