Santurtzi: Plans with marine flavor


Just 20 minutes by train or subway from Bilbao you can enjoy the fishing port of Santurtzi. It is a privileged place where the flavors of the sea and its unmistakable seafaring character excite those who visit it.

The hundred-year-old Fish Sales House houses the Fishermen's Guild, the auction room and the fish market, where fresh fish are unloaded and sold daily.

In that same building, you can visit the Sea Museum, Santurtzi Itsas Museoa, and explore our seafaring history, through the trades of the sea, hand in hand with emblematic historical figures. It offers dramatized visits, culminating in a simulated fish auction.


The promenade links the fishing port with the Bizkaia Bridge (Hanging Bridge), and offers a fantastic view of the Abra Bay. On foot or by boat, we propose to walk the path of the famous sardines, to the scream of "Sardina freskue". End the walk enjoying some delicious grilled sardines or other seasonal fish.

Visit the website to find out about the plans and experiences offered by this town.

Santurtzi Tourism Office

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