Alava’s open-air art gallery


A few metres from the Quejana Monumental Complex, next to the Arcos de Quejana hotel-restaurant, 'La Robleda de los Sueños' opens its doors: a unique artistic and solidarity project. A visitable forest that unites the work of 26 nationally and internationally renowned painters on the bark of its oak trees.

Each work is also linked to a humanitarian, social, environmental or health association. 26 trees, 26 artists and 26 NGOs form part of this peculiar open-air museum with solidarity as an added value. The environmental dimension of the project also stands out, as it serves to recover the oak grove that houses the works.


'La Robleda de los Sueños' thus becomes the only forest in the country that can be visited that brings together the work of nationally and internationally renowned artists on the bark of its trees. A living forest that grows and expands its horizons with the passing of time, an invitation to continue dreaming...

They are the protagonists of this story with their pictorial poetry and the creative stillness of art that challenges visitors on themes such as women and their dreams, the animal kingdom, the duality of industry/nature, uncertainty and the rebellion of nature.


Each artist has his or her own personal style, way of drawing, colour preferences, etc., and it is from this diversity that the balance is born.

All the painters have long careers and proven international prestige and, in fact, their previous works have received, together, more than 1,500 prizes and awards, being exhibited in galleries, museums and private collections all over the world.

And all this while breathing in the beauty and peace of the Ayala Valley, with its gentle slopes covered in pastures and green forests and meadows. A natural environment in which to breathe art.

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