Discover the Basque Country by electric vehicle


Do you like to travel by car or motorbike and explore destinations behind the wheel or at the control of your handlebars? Are you looking to get to know the Basque Country in a responsible way with the least possible environmental impact? The e-Basque Route is the best option for your next trip.


A route to discover the most attractive roads and landscapes of the Basque Country in a comfortable and sustainable way, and the first national tourist route prepared for electric vehicles. Its 8 stages are equipped with a network of charging points that will allow you to explore the Basque Country in its entirety.


Each route shows a different facet of our land, a place where gastronomy is culture, and culture is identity. Euskadi welcomes visitors with open arms and an open mind. In return, it asks visitors to respect both its culture and its neighbours. And to take care of the land and the sea, so that they continue to be the postcards in which it lives.

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