The semi-finals of the Ski Lift Championship arrive in Galarreta

Previous editions.
Previous editions.

As every year, with the end of summer comes the end of the individual ski lift championship. The members of the ski jumping family invite you to the semi-final of the most important championship of the year, which will take place on the afternoon of 2nd September at the Galarreta fronton in Hernani.


Since 1904

Remonte is a type of pelota that has been played since 1904. The speed of the ball and the strength required by the pelotari make it one of the most spectacular forms of pelota.

This type of pelota was born thanks to the initiative of Juanito Moya. At the time, it was a novelty in a society in which the pelota was very popular, especially in the long fronton courts.

Moya, a small pelotari, devised this tool to face other more powerful opponents, against whom he played in the glove modality. The result was a tremendous success, because thanks to the remonte, this small pelotari was able to extend the ball further and faster than anyone else.


Galarreta Fronton Court

Jauregi, 25. 20120 Hernani (Gipuzkoa)

Tel. 943 55 10 23

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