Get to know the Industrial Urola Garaia closely


From the forges and farmhouses with wine presses to today's industry, the region has undergone a long process of industrialisation, mainly centred on iron, a characteristic element of our personality. Urola Garaia Turismo in collaboration with Basquetour and Gipuzkoa Turismoa has organised a day of Industrial Tourism for this weekend, "Get to know Industrial Tourism from the inside - Open doors".

Free visits to different resources in the region have been organised for Saturday and Sunday so that all those interested can get to know the industrial heritage. The visits can be made individually, in groups or as a family. Beforehand, on Friday, there will be a day of conferences and round tables on Industrial Tourism among professionals.

The visits organised for this weekend will provide first-hand knowledge of the industrial heritage of Ezkio-Itsaso, Legazpi, Urretxu and Zumarraga. Several or all of the visits will be guided tours, which will provide added value by providing first-hand knowledge of data, passages and details from experts. In addition, two special visits have been organised to Orbegozo and Sarralde.


Orbegozo and Sarralde

Along with other plants such as Patricio Etxeberria, Madaya or Irimo, Orbegozo and Sarralde are key pieces that industrialised Urola Garaia. These factories generated an important industrial development in the region and the industrial prosperity generated an important number of jobs that attracted many people to the municipality. This unprecedented demographic growth conditioned the urban, social and economic structure of Urola Garaia. Today these factories are no longer in operation, but they are an example of the region's past and heritage.

For all the family

On the day "Get to know Industrial Tourism from the inside - Open Doors" there will be the chance to take part in an escape room in Mirandaola, or to make apple juice in Igartubeiti, among other activities.


To take part in the visits you must reserve a place by calling the tourist office on 943 72 20 42, sending a message via whatsapp to 688 640 534 or writing to

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