Santurtzi, plans with a seafaring flavour

Santurtzi port
Santurtzi port

Santurtzi is a privileged place where the flavours of the sea and its unmistakable seafaring character are a passion for those who visit us.

Just 20 minutes by train or metro from Bilbao, the fishing port of Santurtzi marks the start of a picturesque route with a seafaring flavour. The century-old fish market houses the fishermen's guild, the auction room and the fish market. It is here that you can see the daily unloading of fresh fish, which is then put on sale.

The Museum of the Sea, Santurtzi Itsasoa Museoa, interprets, in an original and adapted way, the history of Santurtzi and its seafarers, and helps to understand the transformation of our coastline over the centuries.

During the dramatised visits, Carmen, our picturesque sardinera, accompanied by other popular characters represent, in a fun and entertaining way, our history and traditions. The visit culminates with an old-fashioned fish auction. You can take part in the visits on Saturdays in July and August at 12:00.

Flavours of the sea

Tasting the best seasonal fish, exquisite grilled sardines or succulent pintxos is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures you can experience in Santurtzi. All this in a welcoming atmosphere with a taste of saltpetre.

Sardinas a la parrilla
Grilled sardines
Sardinas a la parrilla
Grilled sardines

"From Santurce to Bilbao I come all the way along the shore..."

On foot or by boat, following the path that was once followed by our famous sardine fishermen shouting "Sardina freskue", we will enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the Bay of Abra.

A stone's throw from the Bizkaia Bridge (Hanging Bridge), we can visit one of the last traditional wooden fishing boats, the Agurtza Museum Boat.

Santurtzi Tourism Office

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