Sara Alonso ‘on tour’ around Gipuzkoa

Sara arriving in Zarautz from Orio, along the Talaia path
Sara arriving in Zarautz from Orio, along the Talaia path

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Sara Alonso (Donostia, 1999) is one of the best international trail runners and has been third place in the demanding "Salomon Golden Trail Series" in 2022. We run through Gipuzkoa with her, it is an exciting adventure but, above all, fun. Goazen!

1. Zegama - Tolosa

We start, of course, in Zegama, the place where Sara's life changed. With her we will walk a stretch of the famous Zegama - Aizkorri and we will go down to Zegama to talk to its mayor, Joseba Eizagirre, where the famous day of San Martín (11th November) is celebrated, with its cheese and cattle competition. After a hearty meal, we go to Tolosa to stroll through its streets, see the shops, visit the TOPIC - International Puppet Museum - and finish the day with a good txuleta dinner, this time at the Tolosa Fronton (Basque pelota court). A plan of ten.


2. Orio - Zarautz

We approach the coast to experience with the company Begi-Bistan the art of rowing in the cradle of this sport, Orio. From there, we'll put on our trainers to trot along the Talaia trail and reach Zarautz along the coast. The views are spectacular. Once on the town's beach, the longest on the coast of Gipuzkoa, we'll take a stroll watching the waves and continue through the old quarter, stopping for pintxos in some of its bars, such as Okamika. And we couldn't miss surfing, so we'll finish with a lesson from Shelter.

3. Basque Coast Geopark

We continue along the coast and come across something as authentic as it is inevitable in Gipuzkoa: rain. We get our strength back with a full breakfast in Mutriku while we get ready for what is to come, a long walk through the Basque Coast Geopark and its 60 million years of history told through its endless flysch. From Mutriku to Getaria, passing through Deba and Zumaia, we stop at the most characteristic points of this UNESCO World Geopark and finish with the reward of tasting the most local dish, a good octopus.


4. Oñati

The interior of Gipuzkoa awaits us with its magical places and valleys. This time we got up early to see the sunrise next to the Urkulu reservoir, a luxury that nature has left us near Oñati. And close to here, at a trot, we also found one of the greatest treasures of the province: the Sanctuary of Arantzazu. There, we delve into its history, its creation, its origins and... suddenly, we find ourselves in the Arrikrutz caves. An adventure!

5. Andoain - Amasa

We set off by train from Sara's home town, Donostia, had a coffee to get our strength back and headed for Andoain, one of our favourite places in Gipuzkoa. There, we start the day by moving our bodies on the ascent of Mount Adarra, an ideal training area.

After enjoying (and sweating a bit) on this small but fun mountain, we take a mountain bike and go for a ride along the Leitzaran Greenway, a fantastic place to escape from the city. And, as the cherry on top, nothing less than a visit to the Hika winery of the well-known chef Roberto Ruiz, a temple of gastronomy and txakoli in an unbeatable setting.


6. Pasaia - Donostia

We started the day by heading to Pasaia for a stroll through its streets, to see its colourful houses, its tradition... and to cross by boat to San Pedro, where we visited the Factoría Marítima Albaola, a museum that pays homage to the Basque arrantzales and their adventures in Newfoundland. Incredible as it may seem, here they are making a replica of the Nao San Juan, a ship of the period.

After the visit, we set off at a trot to return to Donostia along a very enjoyable route and, when we reach the capital, we find a surprise... what could it be?

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