Shopping in Donostia – San Sebastián

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The capital of Gipuzkoa is an ideal place for shopping. We all like to go shopping, but if on top of that you have a stimulating commercial offer, a mixture of the most traditional and the most innovative, the excitement is guaranteed.

San Sebastian has managed, on the one hand, to maintain the essence of traditional commerce, with a wide range of establishments offering the same old products with the same quality as always. At the same time, it has that distinguished and elegant touch that is also expressed in its commercial offer, with sophisticated shops, alternative premises and big brand boutiques.

San Martín market.
San Martín market.

The shops are concentrated and it is very easy to go shopping. All this makes for a sensational showcase of ideas for gifts and presents. An attractive and exciting circuit to enjoy wandering around the shops.

Commercial areas

Donostia - San Sebastián is organised into three main shopping areas, with hundreds of shops. The Old Part, with its traditional shops and traditional souvenirs, but also with its delicatessen and designer shops; the Centre, with its small, high-quality shops and the best international brands; and Gros, with a wide range of art, antiques, sports, mountain and surfing galleries.

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