Rioja wines sales now close to pre-pandemic levels


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The Qualified Rioja Designation of Origin closed the 2021 financial year with a notable recovery in sales, which have reached similar levels to those obtained in 2019. Specifically, it has obtained an increase of 8.34%, which translates into a total of 254,174,525 litres marketed.

Gran Reserva wines are leading the growth, with an increase of 15.70% compared to 2020. Special mention should also be made of Rioja whites, on which the institution has been focusing its efforts in recent years and which have experienced growth of 6%.

"2021 has been a key year for Rioja wines. Not only have we managed to increase sales significantly, but our wines have also grown in value. We are very satisfied with this year's results, as they show that we are in line with one of the key objectives of our Strategic Plan, namely to increase the value of the Rioja brand by +23% over the next five years," said Fernando Ezquerro, president of the DOCa Rioja Control Board.


Significant growth in exports was consolidated in 2020, revaluing supply by 7.76% and leading the improvement in the trade balance of Spanish wines abroad

National sales

After the setback suffered by the sector at the national level in 2020 caused by the health and economic crisis of COVID-19, Rioja, thanks to its character of constant improvement, has been able to grow its domestic sales by 13.58% in 2021. A spectacular increase considering that, although last year saw a certain normality in the country's economic activity, there continued to be limitations and restrictions in key sectors for the commercialisation of wine, such as the hotel and catering industry.

Export powerhouse

At the international level, and taking into account the spectacular double-digit growth that Rioja experienced in 2020, the DOCa has consolidated this brand trend with an increase in sales volume of almost 2% and 7.76% in value. The latter is, without a doubt, a figure that highlights the appellation's commitment to this line of work, a key variable in its 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. In this sense, the Asian giant, China, stands out, with a spectacular increase of more than 37% in value, as well as Russia, with an increase of more than 15%, and the US, which experienced a rise of almost 11%.

DOCa future

Regarding the future of the DOCa, the Control Board representatives concluded the session by making positive forecasts and highlighting how Rioja faces 2022 with optimism, materialising its commitment to sustainability, continuing with its ambitious plan to revalue and rejuvenate the brand and reinforcing the path of growth in value.


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