“Summer in sight”: Gipuzkoa promotes its local tourism


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The Directorate of Tourism has presented the campaign "Verano a la vista / Hara! Hemen da uda!", the aim of which is to promote a series of plans aimed at boosting local and quality tourism throughout the length and breadth of Gipuzkoa.


This summer campaign aims to attract two types of public. On the one hand, the locals, residents of Gipuzkoa, who stay in the territory during the summer months and demand proposals and a full agenda. On the other hand, hikers from neighbouring provinces such as Bizkaia, Araba, La Rioja, Navarre or Iparralde. To reach this geographical variety of public, a digital strategy will be carried out through the brand's social networks to increase the number of followers in the aforementioned areas.

The dynamics of the campaign will consist of publishing the plans for the week with as much detailed information as possible on the Gipuzkoa Turismoa website and its social networks on a weekly basis. This year the campaign has been given a strong visual component, creating an aesthetic, both in its graphics and in the spot, inspired by the film director Wes Anderson and his recently released film "Asteroid City".


New tourist guide

In parallel to the launch of the campaign, the Directorate of Tourism has launched the new tourist guide, an update of the existing guide with new contents, a renewed agenda and a new interior design that is closer to digital communication. The publication is free of charge and is available in all the tourist offices in the territory, as well as in regional development agencies and the Provincial Council itself.

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