The cava cathedral turns 140 years old


The Roger Goulart winery, a jewel specialising in the production of cavas using the traditional method, was founded in 1882, inspired by the cellars of the Champagne region of the time.

Located in the Penedès wine-growing area, the origins of the Roger Goulart winery date back to the end of the 19th century when the Canals family decided to build a unique facility dedicated exclusively to the production of natural cavas using the traditional method.

Roger Goulart Brut Coral Rose
Roger Goulart Brut Nature
Roger Goulart Brut Nature

The result is a majestic modernist-style winery in the purest Gaudí style, which was built by one of his disciples, Ignasi Mas i Morell, and under which an impressive set of underground galleries 30 metres deep and more than a kilometre long were excavated. These galleries have unique temperature and humidity conditions for the production of highly expressive wines.

Today, after 140 years of accumulated experience, this jewel known as one of the "cathedrals of cava", which has been part of the CVNE group since 2017, continues to make its exclusive production of high quality cavas in the same underground cellars. These tunnels provide, in a natural and constant way, the ideal conditions for the bottle fermentation of the cavas that rest there: 14º - 15º of constant temperatures; 85% humidity and the necessary silence for the character and structure of the Xarel·lo to rest before the cava can be tasted.

Roger Goulart Gran Reserva
Roger Goulart Gran Reserva

The cavas

Currently, Roger Goulart has 8 cavas, made mainly with the Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada grape varieties for the white wines and Garnacha for the rosés: Roger Goulart Gran Reserva Josep Valls; Roger Goulart Brut Reserva; Roger Goulart Organic Reserva; Roger Goulart Brut Nature Reserva; Roger Goulart Brut Rosé; Roger Goulart Brut Coral Rosé, Roger Goulart Semi Seco Reserva and finally Roger Goulart Gran Reserva 140 Aniversario.

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