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One of the most special seasons in Rioja Alavesa has arrived. The grape harvest comes to an end and a chromatic spectacle floods the territory, tinginging the vines with ochre tones. Autumn is one of the best times to visit Rioja Alavesa and enjoy the variety of plans that the land of wine has to offer. Strolling, visiting some of the wineries, going to a rural house, or tasting its gastronomy are just some of the experiences you can enjoy this autumn in the south of Álava.


Walking among the vineyards

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the seasons in which the landscape of Rioja Alavesa takes centre stage and the first plan could not be other than to stroll and enjoy the views that the territory offers during this time of year. A hiking route, a bike ride or a walk through the vineyards. If you would like to get to know different enclaves of the territory with insurance and free of charge, you now have the option of joining the "Autumn Walks through Rioja Alavesa". On 13 November or 18 December.

Rioja Alavesa

If you would like to discover different sites in the region with insurance and free of charge, you now have the option of joining the "Autumn Walks through Rioja Alavesa".

Visiting family wineries

When the grape harvest is over, it is time to visit some of the wineries and learn first-hand how the wines are made. On this occasion we propose a visit to the small family wineries. A different, more intimate plan where you can learn with the winemaker what the keys are to making the best wines. An example of this is Heredad de Aduna, a small family winery that has been dedicated to the world of winemaking since the 17th century. Tradition and hospitality in a winery where you will feel at home.

An exclusive weekend

Are you not satisfied with simply visiting Rioja Alavesa? Do you want to discover all its secrets? Experience a full weekend accompanied by the best professionals in the sector. You will get to know the nooks and crannies and secrets of the region and visit the most famous wineries. You will learn about wine culture during the "Destino Rioja Alavesa" days and there will also be time for laughter with the comedy nights. A plan for non-conformists who want to discover the best of the area and get to know Rioja Alavesa in depth.


Gastronomic plan

If there is one thing we like about Rioja Alavesa, it is its gastronomic culture. We are sure you have often heard the saying "in Euskadi you eat well", and the key to its gastronomy is the quality of the produce and the care taken in the preparation of its dishes. Accompany it with a unique setting, medieval villages, traditional wineries, vines with that autumnal touch and, of course, pair the dishes with local wines. The result? An autumnal plan that won't disappoint. Whether you choose to eat pintxos, a menu or à la carte, we leave it up to you.

Don't lose:

Aquarium Donostia

Rainy weather plans in Gipuzkoa

And now… What do we do? First, don’t despair. That fine rain (xirimiri) is part of Gipuzkoa’s DNA, just like a brief summer storm or a galerna. If you come to Gipuzkoa and don’t get wet, you haven’t been here at all. We suggest plans for these days.

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