Cayetana Guillén Cuervo wears Munoa jewellery

Cayetana Guillén Cuervo with Munoa earrings
Cayetana Guillén Cuervo with Munoa earrings

Casa Munoa in San Sebastian has created, in collaboration with Perrier-Jouët, an exclusive piece of jewellery for the San Sebastian Film Festival: the earrings worn on the red carpet by the actress Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, presenter of the opening gala of the festival.

Pendientes de Munoa

Perrier-Jouët, faithful to the most important cinematographic event in our country and as the official champagne for the ninth consecutive year, goes further in this edition and creates an exclusive jewel for the occasion. A jewel worn on the red carpet by the actress Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, host of the festival's opening gala.

"I collaborate with Perrier-Jouët because it is a brand that has to do with my way of understanding life because it represents the culture of effort, which is what I believe in as the only way to excellence. Casa Munoa is a jeweller that I always take into account at the festival and even more so this year when I have the responsibility of captaining the gala, these earrings represent the kind of style and sophistication not only of the festival but also of the city of San Sebastian itself", says Cayetana Guillen Cuervo about her collaboration with the Maison and the jewellers from San Sebastian.

The Maison's iconic anemone, designed by the glass artist Emile Gallé in 1902, comes to life and is transformed into beautiful and elegant earrings created by the delicate hands of Casa Munoa, an artisan jeweller from San Sebastian who has been working on unique pieces since 1935.

"At Casa Munoa we share great values with Perrier-Jouët: tradition, craftsmanship, a taste for exquisite products, finesse and delicacy and, above all, a love of good workmanship. We are both happy to savour the result of good work", says master jeweller Claudio Munoa.

Perrier-Jouët and Maison Munoa worked hand in hand, from the initial sketches to the final piece, including the choice of precious materials used in fine jewellery. The earrings are made of platinum and 18k yellow gold and are decorated with two cabochon-cut emeralds and brilliant-cut yellow diamonds.

"Based on the floral style of Perrier-Jouët, its shapes and colours, we have extracted the stylised outline of this symbolic, light and colourful anemone to freely adapt it to the taste of Casa Munoa and, in addition, being in the context of the San Sebastian Film Festival, we had another excuse to let ourselves be carried away by the imagination and extravagance", says Munoa.

From the brand, Brand Manager Victoria Vázquez, comments that "having been able to work and collaborate with Casa Munoa Jewellery and that a great actress like Cayetana has been able to wear our creation at the most important festival in our country, is for Perrier-Jouët another step forward in the idyll between champagne and the film industry".

Perrier-Jouët continues to strengthen the magic of cinema in our cultural frontiers and in its quest for artistic beauty, the brand is launching the "Referentes" podcast, hosted by Eloy Martinez de la Pera, where guests such as Susana Griso and Ana Milán will give their opinions on culture, art, music, literature, architecture, cinema and much more.

The earrings will be in

Joyería Casa Munoa

(C/ Aldemar, 28 – 20003, San Sebastián)  until the end of the month.


For Cayetana, these

earrings represent the

style and sophistication

of the city itself

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