Euskadi Bono Denda: discounts are back in local commerce


The Department of Tourism, Trade and Consumer Affairs has launched the second phase of Euskadi Bono Denda to stimulate shopping. Therefore, until 31 March users will be able to exchange the 5 vouchers that correspond to them, if they have not already done so in the first phase.

In the previous phase, more than 400,000 vouchers were consumed and in this second phase there will be 258,000 discount vouchers to encourage consumption in local shops.

Euskadi Bono Denda maintains its characteristics: it is based on a €10 discount on purchases over €30 and must be exchanged directly in the shop. Each person over 16 years of age will have 5 vouchers that can be used if they have not already used them in the first phase.

More than 4,300 establishments have joined the initiative. These are local shops and services related to urban commercial activity, such as hairdressers and beauty salons; laundries, dry cleaners; photographic and photocopying services; framing services and repair shops.

Participating councils

Euskadi Bono Denda has opened up the initiative to all institutions and several town councils have decided to join, which means adding up the number of vouchers and investment in their respective municipalities. The first to join was Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council, followed by Derio, Erandio, Güeñes, Portugalete, Arrasate, Hondarribia, Legazpi and Zumarraga. For this second phase, any town councils that wish to join may continue to do so.


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