Ferrari Bordeaux unveils new dealership

Chiara Davidetti, from Côte Basque Madame, with Francesco Balli, Managing Director of Ferrari West Europe
Chiara Davidetti, from Côte Basque Madame, with Francesco Balli, Managing Director of Ferrari West Europe

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We were lucky enough to attend, together with the Côte Basque Madame team, the inauguration of the new Ferrari dealership in Bordeaux. There are only seven Ferrari dealerships in France: Paris, Mulhouse, Cannes, Lyon, Toulouse, Monaco and... now also Bordeaux! We'll take you with us.


On Tuesday 17 October, the Bordeaux dealership organised an evening to inaugurate its new premises. A colossal project. Twelve million euros of investment. 5,500 m² of space. A paradise on earth for lovers of the Prancing Horse brand.

The dealership is divided into three pavilions: "one for new cars, one for used cars and one for our concierge service, where we look after the cars of our customers who have parking problems with their Ferrari", explains Jean-Charles Palau, the dealership manager.

He has been with Ferrari for twelve years and describes himself as "approachable and friendly". "Our showroom is open to everyone", he insists.


At the inauguration, the new Ferrari Roma Spider was unveiled. A coupé cabriolet with elegant lines. "Each car conveys different emotions and is specific to its use", underlined Francesco Balli, General Manager for Western Europe, who was present at the inauguration. Among the flagship cars is the Ferrari Daytona. The strength of the Italian brand lies in keeping up with the times, offering new models such as the Purosangue, Ferrari's SUV. The brand is "working hard on hybridisation", explains Jean-Charles Palau. In fact, a pure electric model has been announced for 2025.

Jean-Charles Palau,
Jean-Charles Palau, Francesco Balli

Within the dealership itself, the ecological issue is a key concern. This is why the manager has installed 1,600 m² of photovoltaic panels, which will enable the dealership to produce 60% of its own electricity. "We have also done a lot of work on water recovery," emphasises Jean-Charles Palau.

Ferrari's timeless cars are still very popular with the brand's customers. To buy a new car, you have to wait between 18 and 24 months. "You have to earn your Ferrari," says Jean-Charles Palau.


Photos by Sébastien Minvielle.

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