‘Lumen, a love story’, giant puppets in Toulouse


This Friday 10 June, at 22.00, we will be able to see the show 'Lumen, a love story', a tale by the Portuguese company S.A.Marionetas, critically acclaimed and winner of several international awards, on the streets of Tolosa. The story revolves around a being who wanders in search of light, which he finds thanks to some bearers of this energy who come from remote lands.


The show, which lasts an hour between the procession and the staging of the story, is told at a height of five metres. Two enormous figures will be erected around the town, as well as some smaller ones, close to three metres. These special, light puppets will be carried by the volunteers who have been rehearsing with the company at the Tolosa Exhibition Centre under the supervision of TOPIC, the event organiser.

The ten puppets that will walk around Tolosa are the work of the Portuguese designer Natacha Costa, with the invaluable help of a hundred workers for their construction. They are illuminated in different parts of the body, giving them an automaton-like appearance, both mechanical and elegant at the same time. With a visible frame, it resembles the humanoid robot developed by Leonardo da Vinci, a mechanical gentleman with pulleys and ropes.

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