Waste collection on three beaches in Gipuzkoa

Presentation at the Donostia Aquarium
Presentation at the Donostia Aquarium

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Coca-Cola's "Mareas Circulares" programme, together with Aquarium San Sebastian, is organising this event, which will mobilise volunteers and organisations to collect marine litter from the beaches of Zarautz, Deba and Zumaia during the first week of November.

The sustainability of our seas has become an environmental priority. An estimated 11 million tons of plastic are currently being dumped into the ocean, according to a 2020 study by The Pew Charitable Trusts. Aware of this situation, Coca-Cola has been working for years to address the issue of marine litter from a holistic perspective with the aim of generating real change and tackling the problem in all its aspects.

This is how the Coca-Cola "Mareas Circulares" programme was born in 2018 to clean up coasts, aquatic environments and seabeds, raise awareness and training on recycling and promote the circular economy.


11 million tonnes of

plastic are currently

dumped into the ocean

In Zarautz, Deba and Zumaia

As part of a new edition and thanks to the strategic support of Aquarium San Sebastian, the "Mareas Circulares" programme has organised a waste clean-up of the beaches of Zarautz, Deba and Zumaia on 3, 4 and 5 November respectively. The PET collected will be reintegrated into the Coca-Cola value chain as part of the roadmap towards the circular economy. Waste collection activities on the beaches are resuming with all the necessary safety measures after a few months in which the project has had to adapt to the restrictions dictated by the authorities.

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