Bilbao Blues Festival opens with a luxury line-up

The Councillor for Economic Development of the Bilbao City Council, Xabier Ochandiano and the director of the
The Councillor for Economic Development of the Bilbao City Council, Xabier Ochandiano and the director of the "Bilbao Blues Festival", Carlos Malles, together with the band Travellin' Brothers.

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Bilbao is committed to major events that boost the city's cultural offer and project it beyond our borders. In July, the Biscayan capital will host its first International Blues Festival, completely free of charge, which will bring to the stage of the Arenal promenade and kiosk a dozen leading figures of the genre and also local bands. It will take place on 29, 30 and 31 July.

Shemekia Copeland.
Shemekia Copeland.

This first edition of the festival, which will take place over three days, from 29 to 31 July, will have great attractions: important figures, in the open air, free of charge... and in the heart of Bilbao, the Arenal and the Guggenheim Museum.

According to Carlos Malles, director of the festival, "the festival has a very varied programme because what we are trying to do is to introduce the public to all the existing styles of blues. Fans will be able to enjoy classic blues, Chicago blues, Blues Rock and other related styles such as boogie woogie, swing or classic Rock and Roll. There will even be a touch of flamenco by Raimundo Amador, the only Spanish guitarist who has played with BB King".

The aim of the I Bilbao Blues Festival is twofold: to allow the amateur public to enjoy artists who do not usually participate in European tours and to discover this genre, the basis of others such as rock, pop, indie, soul... to those who are not yet familiar with it. "We want people to get to know this musical style. Everyone likes a blues concert, even if you are not a regular consumer of the genre. Not only because of the music, but also because of the good atmosphere that surrounds it", says Malles.


Ronnie Baker Brooks, Dana Fuchs, Fantastic Negrito, Raimundo Amador, Shemekia Copeland, Wax & Boogie feat Drew Davies, Noa & The Hell Drinkers, Blues Triumvirate, Flamingo Tours, Micky & The Buzz and Travellin' Brothers, join the list of confirmations along with the legendary Bob Stroger, who will perform with Kim Johnson and other performers forming the short-lived Chicago All Stars band.

Bob Strwwwoger.

This great event will offer 15 free concerts and activities from 29 to 31 July

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