Bilbao celebrates Unamuno’s birth anniversary

Miguel de Unamuno.
Miguel de Unamuno.

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Miguel Unamuno was born in Bilbao on 29 September 1864. Every year, the Bilbao City Council celebrates this anniversary with an Institutional Day that brings together different cultural proposals with the focus on disseminating the work and life of the famous author from Bilbao.


On this occasion, coinciding with the 158th anniversary of his birth, Bilbao City Council will inaugurate an exhibition with the writer and philosopher as the protagonist at the Barrainkua Municipal Centre on Friday 30th. Under the title "Metáforas de lo Eterno" and curated by Marta García Gasco, this exhibition will show portraits of him drawn by himself and portraits of him drawn by well-known contemporary artists, such as Macario Marcoartu, Joaquín Sorolla, or his great friend, Manuel Losada.


Floral tribute

Every year, the City Council celebrates a wreath offering to pay homage to the philosopher, writer and thinker from Bilbao on his institutional day. Thus, this year's wreath offering will take place on Tuesday 27th at 10:30 in Unamuno Square and will be attended by Mayor Juan Mari Aburto. Gonzalo Olabarria, Councillor for Culture and Governance and a representation of the Municipal Corporation will be with him.

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