‘Imagine a Film Festival’, in Tabakalera


'Imagine a Film Festival', the pre-SSIFF exhibition, refers to the first words uttered by a shopkeeper from San Sebastian after a trip to Cannes 70 years ago. Francisco Aranaz Darrás, who attended that meeting, confessed years later with emotion that none of them knew nothing about cinema but that, in spite of this, they liked the idea and got down to work.

That first "imagine" was the beginning of a series of ideas that, over the course of 70 years, each generation has contributed: imagine a space for film students, imagine a competition for new talents, imagine that we publish works, imagine a giant cinema in Anoeta, imagine a space for the industry, imagine that we give an annual award to a great star, imagine that we eliminate gender in the acting awards...

All this has turned the San Sebastian Film Festival into a complex ecosystem where dozens of cultures and languages coexist annually, which is one of the hallmarks of the city, and which has, among its main achievements, that of being an open, accessible and popular festival.


'Imagine a Film Festival' is a tribute to all the people and organisations that have contributed to its development, and without whom it would not be possible: the media, the cinemas, the sponsors or the film industry itself, let alone the city of Donostia and especially the public that fills the streets and cinemas.

Is an exhibition that will be held in different areas of the Tabakalera building. Through audiovisual installations we will walk along the Red Carpet and the Photocall with celebrities who have visited the Zinemaldia, consult an Audiovisual magazine and an Interactive MediaTK to learn details about its history, sit in a Zinea (cinema) to enjoy the best stories, or see the photographs that the Public has taken at the Festival over 70 years and which it has generously given us for this exhibition. It can be visited until 24 September 2022.


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