“Let yourself fall into our net” and enjoy the museums of Álava

Fine Arts Museum.
Fine Arts Museum.

The Department of Culture and Sport of Álava, headed by the provincial deputy Ana del Val, has presented the campaign to reinforce visits to the Museums of Álava "Let yourself fall into our network". A campaign to remind locals and visitors during the month of December that the Álava Museum Network is full of secrets and treasures worth discovering.

Presentation of the campaign.
Presentation of the campaign.

The campaign is being launched, in the words of the head of the Regional Government, "as a boost and a push to ensure the loyalty of a very positive forecast for the end of the year". As of 27 November, 95,528 visitors had already visited the museums of the Regional Network (including the sites of La Hoya and Iruña Veleia). It should be borne in mind that in the whole of 2021 there were 88,797.

"This year we are clearly going to surpass the figures for 2021 and 2020 and we aspire to come close to the record of 2019, when 125,000 people visited us". It should be noted, that we only exceeded 100,000 visits in 2017, 2018 and 2019. "We are therefore in figures that allow us to venture that, after this two-year hiatus, we are going to recover that clearly upward muscle that we had before the pandemic," said Del Val.

Armoury Museum

"After this two-year hiatus, we are going to regain that clearly upward muscle we had before the pandemic," said Del Val

The treasures of Alava's museums

The walls of the Foral Museum Network hide many treasures in which to let oneself "fall into and even get caught", said the head of the Regional Government, "which are basically thousands of excuses to visit or revisit them". Some examples:

Armoury Museum:

- Milanese armour from the school of Pompeo Della Chiesa. Late 16th - Early 17th century.
- Rapier sword. 15th century.
- Revolver used for the assassination of Cánovas del Castillo. Second half of the 19th century.
- Samurai armour. 1603-1868.
- Campaign chest of the Duke of Wellington, 1813.

Museum of Natural Sciences:

- Exhibition Meteorites. Just over a hundred specimens. Until July 2023.
- Exhibition PHOTOforms. Until March 2023.
- Anacoracidae shark tooth from the Upper Cretaceous of Vicuña, Álava.
- Fragment of amber included in Lower Cretaceous sandstones from Peñacerrada, Álava.
- Wing of a Microphoridae dipteran included in amber from Peñacerrada, Álava.
- Sheets from the Prestamero Herbarium, 18th century.
- Several inclusions in amber from the Lower Cretaceous of Peñacerrada, Álava.
- Several mineral species from the diapir of Peñacerrada.

BIBAT-Fournier de Naipes Museum:

- Complete Pack of New Cotillons. London, 1780.
- Deck of cards by Jean Barbot. San Sebastian, 1765.
- Indian deck for Dashavatara game. Early 16th century.
- Lithographic press with dragged pressure. 1870.

BIBAT-Archaeology Museum: Guide to the 20 outstanding pieces.

- Neanderthal milk grindstone.
- Campaniform vase.
- Skull with a nailed arrowhead.
- Lady of Iruña.
- Foundation tombstone.
- Sarcophagus.
- Treasure of Otaza.

Museum of Fine Arts

- Relics of Martioda.
- "Restaurant" Ignacio Díaz de Olano, 1897.
- "The Widow or Fisherwoman in the Harbour" Aurelio Arteta, ca. 1915.
- "Angelus in the Country" Ignacio Díaz de Olano, 1899.
- "Portrait of Doña Carmen Arconada", Ignacio Zuloaga, around 1940.
- "Las puertas de Bizkaia" (triptych), Fernando de Amárica, 1917.

Card game at the Fournier Museum.
Card game at the Fournier Museum.

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