Kikara, the creative soul of the people of Bidasoa


Bidasoa Kikara is a new initiative that represents the creative soul linked to the territory, to a way of being and to the care for artisan and innovative work shown by three representatives of the Bidasoa region from different disciplines. The chef Gorka Txapartegi, the expert barista Javier García and the master ceramist Pedro Galdón have embarked on a path of work in which to find synergies from their respective fields in the context of sustainability, creation linked to the territory and the immediate environment and in the identification of their work with the Bidasoa region.


Bidasoa Kikara is the first fruit of these meetings and joint reflections. A limited edition coffee tableware, which represents a 360º initiative starting from coffee to offering a value-added service in the restaurant through creative and artisan processes and art based on ceramics.

A process that aims to identify itself as the Bidasoa brand, as a defence of the product, sustainable and artisan processes guided by creative and innovative criteria in order to be able to offer high value services.

It is based on the work carried out by Javier García in the selection of a top quality natural product at source. A coffee that is roasted by artisan procedures in Irun, taking care of every moment of the process to be filtered and tasted in full flavours and nuances.

Three artisans from Bidasoa

A basic production space that is completed with the creation of pottery that is offered as a container and, at the same time, as an element that enhances the properties of the product. Ceramics that, after joint reflection by the three artisans, identify in their forms and meanings, after the creative process, with the environment of the town of Bidasotarra.

And the artistic concept and the product itself are highlighted in the context of the menu, in line with the culinary work of Gorka Txapartegi and his restaurant, and as an extension and culmination of the gastronomic experience, giving the moment the importance it deserves.

Bidasoa Kikara is more than just tableware

It is a process of reflection on how to do things for the people of a region in defence of the product and the service they offer, providing added value through creativity and artisan processes, and culminating in the field of unique experiences which, on this first occasion, unfolds in the final moment in the restaurant, in a cup and a coffee.

Possibly the last of the memories that our visitors will take away, not only of the gastronomic experience, but of the people of Bidasoa and their honest and creative teamwork.


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