Sala BBK fuses Basque dances with flamenco

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Co-produced by the Sala BBK together with the Seville Flamenco Biennial, it is a show conceived and performed by the dantzari and director of Kukai Jon Maya and the bailaor and winner of the 2022 National Dance Prize Andrés Marín. On 14 and 15 January.

Jon Maya.
Jon Maya.

"Yarin" is a piece in which Basque dance and flamenco meet and dialogue. It has been conceived and choreographed by two great names in both disciplines who are also its performers: Jon Maya (Errenteria, 1977), dantzari and director of the company Kukai Dantza (National Dance Prize 2017), and Andrés Marín (Seville, 1969), dancer and the most recent winner of the National Dance Prize (2022), awarded last September.

This dance production is the new in-house production of the Gran Vía venue in Bilbao for 2023 (after promoting the play "Yerma" -2021- and the opera "Borderland" -2022-).


"The tomorrow we imagine together, where diverse cultures and peoples live together, understand each other and respect each other's differences"

"Yarin", a name that comes from joining the surnames of both creators and which, in Turkish, means 'tomorrow', has its origin in the mutual admiration between Maya and Marín. Both are contemporary creators, but their work is always based on the deep-rooted tradition of their respective cultures - Basque and Andalusian.

Precisely it has been "the desire to connect Basque and flamenco roots that has brought us together now", in their own words. The objective: to look for common elements in both to "make them understand each other, connect and converge". Thus, both appear on stage (accompanied by the live music of Julen Achiary), dancing true to their respective identities but interacting in a natural and sincere way, far from clichés and stereotypes. Because "Yarin" is "the complicit look at the window of the other, the tomorrow we imagine together, in which diverse cultures and peoples coexist, understand each other and respect their differences", they conclude.

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