The Fine Arts Museum of Alava presents “Interconnected”


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Until 31 January we will be able to see the exhibition "Interconnected. New dialogues at the Alava Fine Arts Museum". An exhibition that aims to put into context the new entries that the Museum has received in recent years, with part of the existing collection that has been exhibited on a few occasions, in order to generate different "dialogues" between the works.


The exhibition was presented by the Director of Culture, Inmaculada Sánchez, and the head of the museum, Sara González de Aspuru. According to Sánchez, "the aim of collecting and increasing the collection varies according to the contents of each museum and, in the case of the Museum of Fine Arts, it is limited to its specialisation in Basque art from the 19th century to the mid-20th century, together with a small but very illustrative collection of Spanish art from the 18th and 19th centuries".

The director of Culture, Inmaculada Sánchez and the head of the museum, Sara González de Aspuru.
The director of Culture, Inmaculada Sánchez and the head of the museum, Sara González de Aspuru.

To achieve this goal, he pointed out, purchases have been the most common procedure throughout its history, but it has also seen its collection grow thanks to donations, deposits and testamentary bequests received. "Each form of income has its own particularity and must be studied individually and its suitability or otherwise must be assessed in order to improve the collection to be conserved and exhibited," he said.


Among the donations, we find those made by the heirs and relatives of the artists themselves, among which there are many portraits of those closest to them. An example is the Portrait of Felipa Arraiz, sister of the Alavese painter Clemente Arraiz, painted by Fernando de Amárica and now donated by the descendants of the sitter. There are also portraits of the donors' ancestors, as in the case of the well-known family saga of the Ezquerra family from Alava, in which several generations have been painted by outstanding Basque artists, such as Ignacio Díaz Olano, Elias Salaverría or Juan de Aranoa.

Other times they are religious works, which are difficult to fit into the current way of life, such as the one made by the Valencia Rama family of The Last Supper by Mariano Salvador Maella, an important artist and court painter, who is incorporated as a new name in the list of authors.

Alava Fine Arts Museum
Paseo de Fray Francisco 8, Vitoria-Gasteiz
Tel.: 945 18 19 18

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