All the secrets of the Salt Valley of Añana

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Salt Valley in the town of Salinas de Añana is a unique landscape subject to a recovery process that consists in thousands of salt-pans, channels, wells and storage areas. It is the oldest active salt factory in the world. One of the best salts in the world is produced here: Añana Salt.

This gourmet product is the result of the natural evaporation of the saltwater from the valley's springs that are nourished by pure salt from a sea 200 million years ago. The crystallization method is based on three factors: the sun, the wind and the traditional techniques used by the salt workers.

The best endorsement of Añana Salt is the loyalty of our consumers and the support of many chefs who, in addition to using it in their restaurants and promoting its quality, contribute to spreading information on the recovery of the Añana saltworks. The Salt Valley has been recognized with the Grand Jury's Award of the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2015 and by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) as a Globally Important Agriculture Heritage Systems (GIAHS) in 2018.

Commitment to sustainable development: The Salt Valley of Añana Foundation is the non-profit-making institution in charge of enhancing this salt landscape and promoting social development in the area. Añana Salt is produced ensuring the sustainable development of Salt Valley and respecting its heritage and environmental values. All the revenue from visitors and the sale of salt is used for the recovery and maintenance of the valley.

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