“Bokalao”, winner of the Alkorta Cod Pintxo Competition

“Bokalao”, David Rodríguez
“Bokalao”, David Rodríguez

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"Bokalao", the pintxo by David Rodríguez and Naiara Abando from Danako in Irun, was proclaimed the winner of the 4th Alkorta Cod Pintxo Competition held in Eibar, which brings together the winners of the different championships held throughout the year. As well as winning the competition, they also won the Prize for the Best Treatment of Cod of all the entries. Information from www.showcooking.info

This is a bite-sized cod pintxo made up of two stews. One, the classic cod omelette with green pepper, using the cod neck, and the other, a cod tripe in pilpil sauce. Both preparations are wrapped in filo pastry and topped with a cream of roasted garlic, a very spicy tomato foam, a crunchy corn crisp and some false flakes.

"It has been a special experience, sharing competitions with champion chefs in different competitions around a product such as cod. An interesting challenge that has given us a new txapela, a new prize and the impetus to continue working and creating new proposals", comments David Rodríguez.

“Bokalao”, el pintxo de David Rodríguez y Naiara Abando del Danako de Irun

It consists of two stews: cod

omelette with green pepper,

using the cod neck, and

cod tripe in pilpil sauce

Double finalist

The Irundarras have also qualified for the final of the Gipuzkoa Pintxos Championship in the Miniature Cuisine category with their pintxo "Beltza", a brioche bread filled with two traditional stews, one of cod kokotxas al pil-pil, and the other of baby squid begihaundi in its own ink, accompanied by lime caviar, lemon mayonnaise, siracha and an air of chilli pepper.

And also in the Banderillas category with "Antxue", a home-marinated anchovy with seasonal piquillo piperrada, accompanied by ajonegro ali oli and escabeche mayonnaise.

This final will be held on 15 December at the Hotel María Cristina in Donostia San Sebastián.

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