Experience the authentic “tardeo” in Rioja Alavesa

Tardeo en Alava
Tardeo en Alava

New times, new ways of enjoying free time and socialising. Nightlife is giving way to evening plans, the current way of socialising with work colleagues, friends and family without staying up late.

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And, in Rioja Alavesa, we have our own way of experiencing it. Did you know that here you can enjoy amazing sunsets, that you can experience this magical moment of the day while enjoying live music on a fabulous terrace, that you can even enjoy an express tasting if you're in a hurry, that you can even enjoy an express tasting if you're in a hurry?

And all of this in the Wine Bars and terraces of the Rioja Alavesa wineries, with their evenings in very special settings.


In Rioja Alavesa enjoying

a glass of wine at sunset,

among friends and in the

nature is a great pleasure

An outdoor summer plan

Undoubtedly, the perfect plan for the summer, which has always been a time to enjoy the open air. Now, with the vineyards in all their splendour, it is essential to come and enjoy them, of course, with a magnificent glass of wine in hand.

More and more wineries are making their most special areas available to visitors during the summer months so that you can enjoy the wines that take so much time and dedication to produce. Unique, singular corners in the heart of nature that become, par excellence, one of the best plans to enjoy during these months in Rioja Alavesa. Admiring the vines that are beginning to bear fruit, thinking about the next harvest while tasting a wine that was once harvested from these plants, is an experience in itself. Moreover, these fantastic wines can be enjoyed paired with some of the best products of the region, and are suitable for all audiences and budgets.

Do you want to extend your afternoon? Nothing like "Maridaje estelar", where live music creates the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a dinner and tasting under the stars and spend an unforgettable night in the most charming accommodation in the region with "Sencillamente Viura" and "Los Parajes, captivate your senses".

The best plans to enjoy a unique and different evening can only be found at Visit Rioja Alavesa.

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