Fusion of txakoli and bertsos in Oiartzun


GETARIAKO TXAKOLINA BERTSOTAN continues, this time in Oiartzun, bringing together our own product, Getaria Txakoli, with bertsolaritza as an important expression of Basque culture. It will take place on 7 June.

Mikel Garaizabal.

Mikel Garaizabal, wine populariser and "Titiritero", as he defines himself, will offer a tasting of Getaria Txakoli with 2 bertsolaris each day. Four txakolis from different wineries registered in the Denomination of Origin will be tasted, interspersed with bertsos, making it an enjoyable way of getting to know a little more about the characteristics of our Txakoli. We will accompany the Txakoli with Idiazabal PDO Cheese.

The tasting will take place in Arizmendienea (Oiartzun) at 19:30 and bookings can be made by e-mail: txakolinabertsotan@oiartzun.eus

On this occasion, the bertsolaris will be Nerea Ibarzabal and Aitor Mendiluze.

Come and take part!


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