Pacharán Navarro, a natural flavour based on sloes and aniseed

Pacharán from Navarra
Pacharán from Navarra

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Pacharán Navarro is made solely from sloes and aniseed. The sloes are harvested during the first days of autumn. They are selected if they are clean, shiny, bluish-black and velvety to the touch. Pacharán is made by adding aniseed to them. Reyno Gourmet.

Pacharán Navarro can be enjoyed in every conceivable way: on its own or in company, chilled, after dinner or at night, in a short or long drink, on the rocks, with infusion, with orange, even in a mojito... There are many ways to savour this young, fresh and versatile drink.

100% of sloes from Navarre

Saboreando un buen Pacharán

Traditionally made since 1441, Pacharán Navarro is a low alcohol content spirit (25-30º), obtained by macerating sloes in an aniseed-based mixture, thus achieving a combination of nuances, aromas and contrasts: smooth and intense, sweet and sour, dry and fruity.

Pacharán Navarro became a Specific Denomination in 1988 thanks to the initiative of the pacharán producers, in view of the existence and proliferation on the market of bulk producers with no guarantees.

Until then, the Navarrese distilleries were forced to import from other European countries, but after an intense period of work, the first sloe plantations were finally established in Navarre in 1997. Nowadays, almost 100% of the litres of Pacharán Navarro are made with Navarrese sloes.

Pacharán Navarro is the first Protected Geographical Indication in domestic marketing among the 19 Spanish spirits with a Geographical Indication and is the second in production volume, after Brandy de Jerez.

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